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About Us

Since 2000 Custom Made Palm Tree Co., LLC has been providing clients worldwide with the highest quality artificial exterior palms, preserved interior palms, fabricated trees and preserved plant products as well as reliable customer service and support.

Custom Made Palm Tree Co., LLC is the preferred vendor among architects, facilities professionals, and interior designers.

Whether your project is as small as decorating an office, or as large as a Hotel or Casino, Custom Made Palm Tree Co., LLC preserved palms, artificial palms and fabricated trees will add that touch of class, elegance and beauty to your existing or future projects.

Let our experienced staff and engineers at Custom Made Palm Tree Co., LLC do the research for you to find the ideal finished palm design.

We design and custom build our palms, plants, fabricate trees etc. to suit your project specifications. Our preserved palms and fabricated trees range anywhere from 3 to 40 ft., and are available in single or multi-curved trunks. If special engineering is requested, our preserved palms can be seismically and structurally engineered upon request.

In addition, our palms can also function as a lighting fixture, speaker tower, street light or security camera. The preserved and artificial palm trunks are hollow, allowing the wiring of any devise to be hidden from view.

Our preserved junipers (spirals, Italian cypress, topiaries) can also be custom built from 2 to 14 feet in height.

We, at Custom Made Palm Tree Co., LLC are committed to our product selection and the tremendous value that we offer to our customers. Our mission is to provide our clients with outstanding quality products and the most professional level of customer service.

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